What to see and to do, arounding the gîte

In our region of Ardeche, you will appreciate a climate « south of France » with wonderfull landscapes, and you will discover many things to do, to see, to taste, to smell ….

Flaviac, in center of Ardeche, is at a crossroad, very easy to visit the main famous sites from the north to the south.


Around Flaviac,

  • The very old (ou former) villages hung at the hill or based along the river, as Coux village, Chomérac village and Saint Vincent de Barrès village.
  •       The cultural sites to visit, for exemple the Abbatiale of Cruas « Chef d’œuvre » of the roman art ; only 2 on France ; and the “Mandy” mill, witch is going to move its huge wheel and its irrigation canal.
  •          The natural sites to discover, as the prehistoric cave of Soyons and its archeological
  • Museum ; and the special cave of the Jaubernie in the “Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park”, witch had become troglodyte accommodations.
  •     The typical markets of Privas, Coux and La Voulte and the different farms welcome you ; you can taste different ardechois products and visit the activities and production :
  • Chestnuts, goats cheese, “caillette”, wine .. are recommended by quality labell and AOC ;
  • Without forgetting the sugar-coated chestnuts of witch Privas is the capital with the famous factory “Clément Faugier”.
  •       The soft cycling routes and hiking tours cross the valleys, the rivers and the forests. Those very famous are the “Viarhôna”, “the Dolce Via” and the “Voie verte de la Payre”.
  •  Other lot’s of sports, leasure, are expecting you : swimming, rock climbing, horse-riding, hiking, canoeing, playing in an amusement park “Indian Forest”, losting yourself in a vegetable labyrinth …

  And about our village, Flaviac 

Flaviac is a small village located in the center of Ardeche ; 7 km from Privas, the prefecture, but not far from the Rhone’s Valley between the two famous towns : Valence and Montelimar.

 As usual in Ardeche, the heart of Flaviac’s village is small in the valley, and all around many hamlets are hung at the Montains, as Léouze where we live.

Today, in Flaviac, there are various small companies, and farmers (vine-producer and horticulturist).

In my village, you can find different shops as : bakery, grocery, butcher’s shop, tabaccostore, one pub and two restaurants.

 About the landscape, the village has been built in a valley, along the river called Ouvèze, where fruit trees are cultured.

 On the mountains around, we can find oak tree, fir tree, chesnut tree and pine tree as well. In this region, the various vegetation is explained by the crossroad of climates. Goats, sheeps, grey herons, wild boars, make up the fauna.

 In the nineteenth Centery, Flaviac was a very prosper village. On this period, there were a lot of facturies and the train passed along the road in the valley.                                                                                                                                      By the river, several facturies brought an economic growth, as the lead mine, the photographic paper factury, several silk-throwing and silk spinning facturies. Nowadays, most of them don’t exist anymore. And the train stopped at the beginning of the 20th Centery.

What a wonderful travel in center of Ardeche, the authentic !




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